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Base Models

Differentiation: Our most popular sliding automatic door. Think of this as the go-to door for everyday automation needs.  All components fully tested and pre-assembled at factory for fast, trouble-free installation.  


Clear Door Opening: Bipart: 48.3” - 72.3” | Single Slide: 35.3” - 47.3”

Applications: Retail, healthcare, airports, hospitality, clean rooms. SLH Slim Line Header is ideal for international applications where break out isn’t required by NFPA 101 or applications in North America where occupant load is fewer than 50 such as libraries and conference rooms.

Heavy Duty
DURA-GUARD 2000/3000

Differentiation: Rugged construction design to lower costly door repairs resulting from abuse and collisions with carts. Configured to open quickly to prevent collisions. 

Clear Door Opening: Bipart 44” - 68” | Single Slide: 33.1” - 45.1”

Applications: Home centers, grocery stores and warehouses where automatic doors are subjected to abuse.

Hurricane Rated
DURA-STORM 2000/3000

Differentiation: Meets the most stringent building requirements for hurricane force winds and flying debris. Impact glass used on “impact rated” model. Complies with Florida Building Code, Miami-Dade County NOA Code Compliance and ASTM E283.

Clear Door Opening: Bipart 70.6” | Single Slide: 46.4” 

Applications: Buildings that need to withstand high wind pressure. Areas that lack hurricane codes can benefit by improving building integrity. 


Differentiation: Blast version complies with the stringent DOD UFC Blast Code UFC 4-010-01. Complies with all facets of ANSI 156.10 except emergency egress breakaway. Ballistic version provides protection from Level 3 ballistic (projectiles in flight) attacks. Complies with UL 752 (Standard for Bullet Resisting Equipment).

Clear Door Opening: Bipart: 68 5/8” | Single Slide 36 1/16” to 42 1/16”

Applications: Need to protect high-risk areas such as government buildings, banks and schools.

Pedestrian Control

Differentiation:  A cost effective way to direct traffic flow; the right side panel is used for ingress and the left for egress. Continuous header for both entry and exit simplifies building design. Available in full break out for emergency egress.

Clear Door Opening: Entrance 36” - 48”, Exit 33.5” - 45.5”. Full Break Out version 32.1” to 44.1” (same CDO in a 12' package as a traditional 16' bipart slider. 

Applications: Heavy pedestrian traffic where rough opening space is restricted. 


Differentiation: Allows for two-way traffic where there is a restricted rough opening. Panels fold when retracting which allows for about 70% of the door’s package to be free and clear for passage.

Clear Door Opening: 2-panel 32.4” - 44.5”, 4-panel 46.2” - 87.9”

Applications: Retrofit or new construction locations where there is two-way traffic and restricted rough openings. 

Standard Telescoping

Differentiation: Larger clear door opening than a single slide or bipart sliding door. Synchronized moving panels. 5200 Model (drawing shown) SX panels break out. Class 10 clean room certified. 

Clear Door Opening: 3-Panel 44.56” to 60.56”, 6-Panel: 59-9/16” to 91-9/16” 

Applications: Clean rooms, high traffic retail, upscale professional and institutional locations where space is limited.

Telescoping XL Opening

Differentiation: Synchronized overlapping panels provide the largest possible walk-through for small 6ft 9ft rough openings typically found in retail stores, hospitals, and hotels.  Full height security stiles deter and prevent break ins.  Bi-part design provides faster opening than a traditional single slide, plus intelligence of the new iQ Controller ensures a perfect slide every time.

Typical Clear Door Opening Width: 43.8” – 68.2” providing one of the widest clear door opening per rough opening in the industry.

Applications: Retrofit or new construction for applications with limited or narrow rough opening, including retail, healthcare, and hotels.

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