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When failure is not an option.

You never compromise. Your healthcare doors shouldn’t either. That’s why top hospitals partner with us to design the most efficient and safe patient experience. STANLEY has hospital doors that meet the unique demands of all areas of healthcare facilities including:



to ensure you meet code compliance

Automate your entryway to add convenience and safety for pedestrians who may be frail or elderly. 

Use color to associate with the type of care provided, such as pink for this Women's Cancer Hospital entryway. 

Meet the demands of the VA such as EPDs, LEED credits and US Manufacturing with STANLEY doors. 

Revolving doors are environmentally friendly and help to improve buildings’ energy efficiencies and interior comfort.

Also referred to as breakaway, is used to create more space for patient transport and coding emergencies. 

Available in single, pair or uneven pair configurations.

Combine a manual swing door and manual two panel bi-fold door in one continuous header. 

Privacy glass perfectly balances patient visibility and privacy with the flick of a switch. 

Telescopic ICU doors have the largest door opening for frequent patient transport. 

Telescoping doors create a larger clear door opening than a standard single slide or bi-part sliding door.

Ideal for unique applications where break out isn’t required by NFPA.

The Dura-Glide Designer Package is an operator only so you can customize door materials such as metal or wood veneer.

For applications with heavy two-way traffic, a full or low energy swing door provides simple access.  

Consider an automatic revolving door to improve a buildings’ energy efficiency and interior comfort.

Where beauty meets durability; the Dura-Glide 2000/3000 All Glass Sliding Automatic Door. 

ICU Doors with positive/negative pressure for isolation rooms.

Consider low energy Swing Door Operators in hospital corridors where doors must meet fire ratings.

Introducing patient-centric safety features in the ProCare ICU door line such as our positive latch hook shield. 

Introducing our new ICU door
Promote healing.