Automatic Slide Doors are an efficient way to accommodate simultaneous two-way traffic flow. 

  • Available in single slide, bi-part slide or telescopic slide configurations
  • Furnished as complete packages
  • Can be surface mounted or concealed overhead





Manual ICU Slide Doors all have a swinging/breakout functionality designed for healthcare environments where clear door opening needs change in a moment's notice. 

  • Available in slide/swing, fold/swing, telescoping/swing or swing configurations






Automatic Swing Operators are normally used for directional or one-way pedestrian traffic.  

  • Low energy (knowing act activated with push plates) or fully automatic (require guide rails)
  • Packages with door or only operator with header and drive arm
  • Mounted as overhead concealed, in-ground or surface
  • Available in single, pair or double egress configurations







Revolving Doors for applications requiring simultaneous entry and exit, controlled access, or as an air lock.

  • Available as manual or automatic configurations
  • Manufactured as complete packages by STANLEY Rush
  • Offered in three-wing or four-wing designs






Automatic Folding Doors allows for two-way traffic where there are currently restricted rough openings. Panels fold when retracting which allows for about 70% of the door’s package to be free and clear for passage. 







Manual Balanced Doors  assist pedestrians opening the door in wind tunnel or stack pressure circumstances. 

  • Feature a sliding pivot in the header
  • Option to add a STANLEY door operator






Manual Pivot or Hinged Doors are complimentary to the fine line of door styles and entrance components. 

  • Pins are located at the top and bottom of the frame, allowing the door to pivot. Each door’s pivot point is custom located by request.
  • Swinging and hinged doors consist of a panel that swings on hinges






Transit Doors and Gates achieve a reliable separation of the passenger area from the dangerous train track area. 

  • Platform Screen Doors (PSDs) are full-height
  • Platform Screen Gates (PSGs) are half-height






Slide Door Operators are comprised of an operator with a header and hanger.