We Started this Industry. Patent Number 1978093A. 


The story of STANLEY Access Technologies begins with the invention of automatic doors. It was 1930 when Horace. H. Raymond, an engineer at The Stanley Works, took on a personal project and built a pneumatic operator. He then attached it to his pantry door, and after hosting a dinner party with other Stanley coworkers, the value of the invention was realized. 

On Nov. 23, 1931, Raymond submitted an application for his “apparatus for operating doors” with the U.S. Patent Office. Three years later, a patent for the world’s first pneumatic operator with photo-electric, or light beam, controls was published (No. 1978093A).

Novelty, as well as the practical value of The Stanley Works “Magic Door,” appealed to progressive business people of this era, particularly owners of retail stores. The first installation was at Wilcox Pier Restaurant in West Haven, Conn. The Massachusetts Institute of Technology also had the door operator installed on the institute’s iconic entrance hall in Cambridge, Mass. This door operator is still in place and running today, more than 80 years later.

The earliest locations to use this equipment felt that its advertising value was the prime justification for the expenditure. Over time, however, customer appreciation of the practical convenience that automatic doors provided exposed a definite need for automation in all busy passageways, or where doors posed a problem for pedestrians.

Raymond’s initiative and vision were right in line with the goals and values we have always championed. The same year Raymond’s patent application for automatic doors was submitted, STANLEY created three main values that would steer our business, and these values still hold true today:

  • First: To engineer every job according to its individual requirements.
  • Second: To adhere to the highest standards of material and workmanship.
  • Third: To provide every bit of service possible in the interest of complete customer satisfaction.

Guided by those values, STANLEY’s new automatic door division grew quickly − and substantially. In 1964, after three decades of rapid company growth throughout North America and around the world, Raymond’s original project for automatic doors became The Stanley Works’ newest division: Stanley Door Operating Equipment. The name was changed in 1978 to Stanley Magic-Door. As our product and service lines expanded, we eventually changed the name to the current STANLEY Access Technologies.


Today, more than 80 years after Horace Raymond introduced his “magic-eye” door to the world, STANLEY Access Technologies remains the recognized leader in the automated door industry in North America. We produce state-of-the-art automatic doors, sensors, controllers, and related products for commercial, institutional, industrial, and transit uses. Our innovative entryway systems utilize high quality global materials, are made in the USA, and can be found around the world at hospitals, hardware stores, hotels, grocery stores, sporting goods stores, major retail outlets, pharmacies, airport tram systems, and elsewhere. If you have passed through an automatic sliding, revolving, swinging, folding, or telescoping doorway anywhere in North America, there is an excellent chance STANLEY automatic doors made your entry or exit possible.

In addition to manufacturing the finest automated doors in the industry, STANLEY Access Technologies offers comprehensive service and maintenance programs that are customizable to meet the needs of your business or organization. We take pride in our role as the original manufacturer of automatic doors, and we have remained the recognized leader in the industry through dependability, visionary thinking, and constant innovation.