ProCare 8300TM: Protect the patient. Promote healing.

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ProCare 8300: Protect The Patient. Promote Healing.

The Industry's only human-centric ICU door deliberately designed with respect for patients and caregivers in sensitive healthcare environments 

Protect the patient with safer transfers
Promote healing by eliminating disruptions

Eliminate dangerous snagging of IV lines and equipment with our catch-free contoured handle and retractable positive latch hook shield.

The widest clear door opening in the industry, at 44.2” on an 8’ package and 50.2 on a 9’ package.

Easy and more controlled swing out and return with our new intuitive swing-out button.

Quiet and flawless operation every time with our swing out guidance system. No panel sag during swing out. 

Catch-free Contoured Handle (STANLEY Exclusive)
Swing Out Button (STANLEY Exclusive)
Swing Out Guidance System (STANLEY Exclusive)

Positive Latching With Hook Shield (STANLEY Exclusive)


Customized Base Model: Mix and match sizes with options below. Restrictions may apply such as overall frame height, sliding/breakaway panel width and glazing.

Smoke & Draft: Meets Smoke and Draft requirements (leakage rated under ANSI/UL1784 and labeled as a smoke barrier)

  • Smoke and Draft Seals
  • Catch-free Contoured Handle
  • Positive Latching With Retractable Positive Latch Hook Shield
  • Identifiable Sticker For Rapid Commissioning

Infection Control: Leakage rated and in compliance with the 2014 FGI guidelines for pressurized Airborne Isolation Infection Rooms control rooms

  • Catch-Free Contoured Handle
  • Concealed Bottom Sweeps
  • Perimeter Seals
  • Self Closing

STC Rated: Seals and special glass to reduce noise transmission

  • Catch-Free Contoured Handle
  • Concealed Bottom Sweeps
  • Glass Stops For Recommended STC Rated Glass
  • Identifiable Sticker For Rapid Commissioning

The typical ProCare 8300 configuration complies with the Buy American Act, as specified in Section 52.225-1 and Section 52.225.11 of the Federal Acquisition Regulations as of August, 2017.

ProCare 8000

ProCare 8300 Specification (3-Part)

Quick Reference Specs and Drawings

Positive Latch Cut Sheet 

CONFIGURATIONS: 2-Panel Trackless: S&D, Isolation, STC Rated
SWING OUT: 2 Panels Swing Out from Fully Open Position
TYPICAL HEIGHT: 88" (Typcial); taller available.
TYPICAL WIDTH:  Range 84" to 108" | 96" (Typical)
HEADER SIZE:  4" Nominal Height
JAMB DIMENSION:  4 1/2" x 7/8"
CLEAR DOOR OPENING WIDTH 38 1/4" to 50 1/4" | 44 3/16" at 96" (Typical) Width
SWING OUT OPENING WIDTH: 78" to 102"; | 90" at 96" (Typical) Width
SUPPORTED GLAZING:  1/4" (Std); 5/8", 1/2", 1" Integral Blinds, STC Rated Glass
STILES:  Narrow
BOTTOM RAILS:  4" (Std), 6", 8", 10", 12", other custom
MUNTINS 0, 1 (Std) or 2 
FINISHES:  Anodized, PVDF Paint, Anti-Microbial (Touch Points or All)
HARDWARE OPTIONS:  Catch-less Handle available in clear or black (Std) | Optional: Positive Latch With Catch-Less Hook Shield, Single-Point Locking, Concealed Self Closing
RATINGS: Leakage (Smoke & Draft), Positive/Negative Pressure (Isolation), STC (Sound Transmittance) 

No Illustration Description Type Model Individual PDF DWG BIM/Revit
3.20 ProCare 8300 Drawing ProCare Single Slide Trackless Threshold 8300 3.20_PC83-SS.pdf 3.20_PC83-SS.dwg BIM Stanley ProCare