The industry leading STANLEY Magic-ForceTM is the operator of choice for professionals who trust its long-lasting durability and dependable product performance that isn't measured in years, but in decades. The Magic-Force is our most versatile operator because it comes in a variety of mounting styles, integrates with a variety of sensors and systems and effortlessly adapts to the most diverse set of job site conditions including full or low energy and light to heavy duty usage.  


Design Flexibility:

  • Multiple header configurations support a variety of mounting styles.
  • Compatible with a variety of systems and activation sensors

Installation Flexibility:

  • Right or left hand operation (non-handed).
  • No special tools needed.
  • Either full energy ANSI 156.10 (motion activated) or low energy ANSI 156.19 (knowing-act activated).
  • Adjustable spring for precise closing force control.
  • The advanced microprocessor controller and proven encoder technology work together for comprehensive and precise control of the doors motion
  • ​Programmable door check sizes and speeds 

Operational Flexibility:

  • Light to heavy duty.
  • Powers door panels up to 48” (1220mm) wide and 350lbs+** (159 kg) or 75 ft/lb torque
  • UL listed for fire rated doors.
  • Electric lock integration now built in.
  • Acts as a mechanical closer for manual operation in power outages.  
  • Features on, off and hold open switch.
  • Automatic reset upon power up  

Impressive Operation:

  • Smooth, controlled and built to resist wind and stack pressure conditions while operating as quiet as a refrigerator (50 decibels).

Maximum Safety Every Time:

  • Microprocessor-based controller will stop immediately at any point of the doors swing cycle when an obstacle is detected. Add-on sensors available for additional safety
  • Fuse, electronic surge and internal power supply protection


  • Custom finishes 
  • Transom
  • Traffic pattern options
  • Power close
  • Magic TouchTM Activation for power open when opened manually past 3°
  • Complete factory engineered door system that includes center pivoted door panel
  • Mounting options:
  • Surface mount
  • Semi-concealed
  • Concealed Bottom load
  • Right hand
  • Left hand
  • In ground
  • In-swing
  • Out-swing


  • Low Energy: Swing-Guard LE option keeps the door open when a pedestrian is in its swing path 
  • Full Energy: Swing-Guard* option and Sentrex-3* option (complete door system only) keeps the door open when a pedestrian is in its swing path and stays active when the door is in motion


  • Full Energy: SU-100 option provides a wide and deep activation zone to assure door remains fully open while someone is entering or exiting
  • Low Energy: LE-options2.jpg

*No supplemental overhead sensor required.

**Consult your local sales representative.

All door packages are custom manufactured to fit your job requirements up to ¼” increments.  For sizes greater or smaller than typical, contact your authorized STANLEY Access Technologies Sales Representative. 

Magic Force

Magic Force Operator, Full Energy Specification (3 Part)
Magic Force Operator, Full Energy with Swing Guard (3 Part)
Magic Force Operator, Low Energy
Magic-Force Operator, Full Energy Swing-Guard Entrance
Magic Force Operator, Bottom Load Full Energy Specification (3 Part)
Magic Force Operator, Bottom Load Low Energy Specification (3 Part)

HEADER SIZE: 6.0” (152mm) High x 5.5” (140mm) Deep
SWING DOOR PANELS: Up to 48” (1220mm)
DOOR PANEL WEIGHT: 350lbs+** (160kg) or 75 ft/lb torque
DRIVE SYSTEM: 3/16HP DC Motor, Gear Drive
CONTROLLER: Microprocessor-based with Built-in “Reverse-on-Obstruction” | OPTION: Magic-Touch Activation 
SENSOR OPTIONS: Swing-Guard | OPTION: Swing Guard LE, Sentrex, SU-100 
ACTIVATION SENSOR OPTIONS: Mats, Motion Detectors, Radio Controls or Touch-less wave sensors 
BREAKOUT: Automatic Reset (center hung)
POWER REQUIRED: 120 VAC, 5 amps min., 50/60 HZ

*All Specifications are subject to change.  Please contact your local sales representative to ensure accuracy.

**Consult your local sales representative



No Illustration Description PDF DWG BIM/Revit
4.03 4.03_MF-L-AL.PNG Magic-Force Low-Energy Operator on Aluminum Door 4.03_MF-L-AL.pdf 4.03_MF-L-AL.dwg Magic-Force Operator BIM
4.04 4.04_MF-L-HMW.PNG Magic-Force Low-Energy Operator on H.M./Wood Door 4.04_MF-L-HMW.pdf 4.04_MF-L-HMW.dwg
4.05 4.05_MF-F-AL.PNG Magic-Force with Swing Guard LE on Aluminum Door 4.05_MF-L-AL-SGLE.pdf 4.05_MF-L-AL-SGLE.dwg
4.06 4.05_MF-F-AL.PNG Magic-Force with Swing Guard LE on H.M./Wood Door 4.06_MF-L-HMW-SGLE.pdf 4.06_MF-L-HMW-SGLE.dwg
4.07 4.10_MF-F-SGD.PNG Magic-Force Bottom Load on Aluminum MF-LE-BL_ALL.pdf 4.07_MF-L-AL_BL.dwg
4.08 4.10_MF-F-SGD.PNG Magic-Force Bottom Load on HM/Wood MF-LE-BL HMW.pdf 4.08 F-LE-BL_HMW.dwg
4.15 4.05_MF-F-AL.PNG Magic-Force Low Energy Operator, Concealed Arm 4.15_MF-L-CNC_ARM.pdf 4.15_MF-L-CNC_ARM.dwg
4.23 4.08_MF-F-AL-SG.PNG Magic-Force with Swing-Guard Full-Energy Operator on Aluminum Door 4.23_MF-F-AL-SG.pdf 4.23_MF-F-AL-SG.dwg
4.24 4.09_MF-F-HMW-SG.PNG Magic-Force with Swing-Guard Full-Energy Operator on H.M./Wood Door 4.24_MF-F-HMW-SG.pdf 4.24_MF-F-HMW-SG.dwg
4.25 4.10_MF-F-SGD.PNG Magic-Force Full-Energy Swinging Entrance with Magic-Force and Swing Guard 4.25_MF-F-SGD.pdf 4.25_MF-F-SGD.dwg