The Dura-Care 7600 System combines a bi-directional manual swing door with a two-panel manual bi-fold door in one continuous header. The swing panel comes with a door closer but will hold open when pushed past 105-degrees. The bi-fold panels can either fold in or fold out and can fully (swing open) breakout) when more space is needed.


  • Combines manual swing door and manual two panel bi-fold door in one continuous header
  • Swing panel comes with door closer but will stay in place when pushed past 105-degrees allowing for easy access
  • Adjustable bottom pivots account for unanticipated structural changes during installation by allowing door panels to be altered for changes in floor height or type
  • Flush bolt located at end stile of bi-fold allows quick and easy release and connection from door guide to facilitate swing (breakout)
  • Available package widths from 7’ – 10"
  • Hardware Options: Single/Multi-Point Locking


  • Threshold Configurations
  • Special Finishes and Anti-Microbial Coating
  • Stile and Rail Options
  • Glazing Options

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All door packages are custom manufactured to fit your job requirements up to ¼” increments.  For sizes greater or smaller than typical, contact your authorized STANLEY Access Technologies Sales Representative. 

Manual ICU/CCU: Hybrid Swing/Fold

Dura-Care 7600 Specification (3-Part)

Quick Reference Specs and Drawings

  • CONFIGURATIONS: Combined, Single Swing and 2-Panel Folding Door System
  • HEADER SIZE: 1 3/4" Nominal Height
  • PACKAGE HEIGHT RANGE: 90" | 96" Maximum
  • PACKAGE WIDTH RANGE: 84" to 120", with 36", 42", 48" swing panel; CLEAR DOOR OPENING: 63 3/4" to 99 3/4"
  • TYPICAL PACKAGE: 84” (7ft) Will offer 64” (5ft 4in) Clear Door Opening 
  • BREAKOUT: Full Breakout, Any Position
  • JAMB DIMENSION: 4 1/2" X 1 3/4"
  • SUPPORTED GLAZING: 1/4" | 5/8", 1/2", 1" Insulated 
  • STILES: Narrow
  • BOTTOM RAILS: 4" | 6", 8", 10", 12", Custom
  • FINISHES: Anodized, PVDF Paint, Anti-Microbial (Touch Points or All)
  • HARDWARE OPTIONS: Single/Multi-Point Locking


No Illustration Description Type Model PDF DWG BIM/Revit
3.15 Swing Fold.PNG   Swing-Fold 7600 3.15_76-SF.pdf 3.15_76-SF.dwg Dura-Care 7600 BIM Model.zip