The Dura-Guard 2000/3000 Heavy Duty Series Doors are designed to lower costly door repairs resulting from the abuse and collisions with carts. These doors are ideal for home centers and warehouses where automatic doors are subjected to daily rigors.


  • Full Breakout (3000 only) allows all door panels to be broken out at any point of travel. Video. 
  • Partial Breakout (2000 only) allows only sliding panel to break out at any point of travel (ability to be surface mounted). Video. 
  • Rugged construction to minimize damage: 3 1/2" wide door stiles, threaded rods and welded corners
  • Kickplates protect bottom rail from impact damage and further strengthen the door
  • Two stainless steel crash bars with rubber isolated shock mounting prevent possible glass damage
  • Advanced sensors detect carts and fork-lifts and signal doors to open sooner
  • Configured to open quickly to prevent collisions
  • Hurricane compliant Dura-Storm versions available to meet stringent State of Florida‘s building design and code requirements
  • Fiberglass reinforced toothed drive belt prevents slippage and uneven closing
  • Multiple load bearing roller wheels can carry a heavy load for a long period of time
  • One of the most robust headers in the industry made of lightweight and corrosion resistant 6063-T6 aluminum
  • Weather Wise™ switch reduces opening widths on larger door systems to save energy
  • All components fully tested and pre-assembled at the factory for fast, trouble-free installation


  • Transoms
  • Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized and Special Finishes
  • Crash Bars and Kick Plates
  • Wind Resistant Dampers
  • Activation and Safety Sensor Options
  • Panel Closer Option - Returns breakout panel to closed position
  • Jamb Cam Security Cameras
  • Alarm Contacts Option - Allows for remote monitoring of panel status
  • Emergency Power Options
  • Locking Options
    • 3-Point Locks
    • Lock Position Indicators
    • Armored Strikes
    • Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure)
    • Access Control Locking with Surface or Recessed Panic Hardware

All door packages are custom manufactured to fit your job requirements up to ¼” increments.  For sizes greater or smaller than typical, contact your authorized STANLEY Access Technologies Sales Representative.

Heavy Duty

Dura-Guard Specification (3 Part)

DESIGN: Single Slide or Bi-part
BREAKOUT: SX Panel on the 2000, SX and SO panels on the 3000 | OPTION: Wind Resistant Dampers reduce the potential for panel damage caused by wind gusts when panels are broken out, Panel Closer Option returns breakout panel to closed position
FINISH: Clear or Dark Bronze Anodized | OPTION: Special Finishes Available
TYPICAL HEIGHT: 7’-8” (2.3m), Clear Door Opening of 6’-11” (2.1m)
CLEAR DOOR OPENING: Bipart 44” - 68” ( 1/2 Package Width Less 16 1/6” (411mm) | Single Slide: 33.1” - 45.1” (1/2 Package Width Less 9” (229mm))
MAXIMUM SIZES: Single Slide - 9’ Wide (2.74) x 8’8” High (2.66m); Bipart - 14’ wide (4.2m) x 10’8” (3.3m) high to 16’ 4.8m) Wide x 8’8” (2.6m) high
MINIMUM SIZES: Single Slide - 7’6” Wide (2.29m) x 7’8” ( 2.34m) High; Bipart - 12’ Wide (3.66m) x 7’8” High (2.34m)
HEADER SIZE: 8” (203mm) High x 6” (152mm) Deep
JAMB DIMENSION: 1 3/4” x 4 1/2” Option: 1 3/4” x 6”
STILES: Medium 4.0"
BOTTOM RAIL: 10" | OPTIONS: 4", 6", 8" 12"
TYPICAL DOOR PANEL WEIGHT: Up to 220 Pounds Each (100kg)
MAXIMUM PANEL WEIGHT: Up to 400lb (With Heavy Duty Option)
POWER REQUIRED: 120 VAC, 50/60 HZ, 5 Amps Minimum | OPTION: Uninterrupted Power Supply
DRIVE SYSTEM: 1/4 HP DC Motor, Gear Drive, Toothed belt | OPTION: Twin 1/4 HP DC Gear Driven Motors
CONTROLS: Rocker Switch | OPTION: Rotary, Keyed Rotary Controls, Eco Pro
CONTROLLER: Microprocessor Based, Safety Logic
ACTIVATION SENSORS: 2 for Motion (Switchable Between Uni-directional and Bi-directional) | OPTIONAL: Mats, Wallplates, Radio Control
SAFETY SENSORS: 1 Stan-Guard® and Doorway Holding Beam
LOCKING: 2-Point, 3-Point Locks, Lock Position Indicators, Armored Strikes, Lock Guard, Electric Solenoid Lock (Fail Safe/Fail Secure), Access Control Locking with Surface or Recessed Panic Hardware
SECURITY OPTIONS: Alarm Contacts allows for remote monitoring of panel status, Security Strobes for theft deterrence
SECURITY CAMERAS: Jamb Camera, Stan Cam
GLASS STOPS: 1/4", 1/2", 5/8"
OPTIONAL PROTECTION: Crash Bars and Kick Plates
THRESHOLD: Configurable Options
TRANSOM: Optional

* All Specifications are subject to change. Please contact your local sales representative to ensure accuracy.


No Illustration Description Type Model PDF DWG BIM/Revit
1.18 Dura-Glide 2000 Bi-Part.PNG Dura-Guard Bi-Part 2000 1.18_DR2-BP.pdf 1.18_DR2-BP.dwg  
1.19   Dura-Guard Single Slide 2000 1.19_DR2-SS.pdf 1.19_DR2-SS.dwg  
1.20 Dura-Glide 3000 BiPart.PNG Dura-Guard Bi-Part 3000 1.20_DR3-BP.pdf 1.20_DR3-BP.dwg  
1.21 Dura-Glide 3000 Single Slide.PNG Dura-Guard Single Slide 3000 1.21_DR3-SS.pdf 1.21_DR3-SS.dwg  
1.53   Dura-Guard Threshold Options 2000/3000 1.53_DG2-3_TD.pdf 1.53_DG2-3_TD.dwg