Dura-Glide GreenStar GreenFit Sealing System
for Reduced Air Infiltration

Improve air quality, occupant health and comfort by minimizing air infiltration by 61% 



  • Reduce drafts
  • Reduce moisture which can lead to to mold
  • Inhibit pests and insects
  • Help lighten the load of the building envelop during blower door tests
  • $227 in energy savings*


  • Tested to the protocols of ASTM E283/NFRC 400  and meets ASHRAE 90.1 value of  under 1.0 CFM/ft @ 1.57 psf 
  • Over 2x more bottom sweeps than a Dura-Glide: Concealed extended dual bottom sweeps, and extra sweep gap fillers
  • Includes Air Restriction Blocks (shown right) inserted into top and bottom of each stile
  • STANLEY installers are trained on how to properly install the GreenFit Sealing System under various site conditions to ensure maximum energy efficiency


  • Continuous threshold required
  • No package size limitations

About Air Infiltration

Definition: The uncontrolled leakage of air into a building through joints and gaps around the door and frame

Causes: Wind, stack pressure and mechanical equipment in the building (ex exhaust fan)

It Depends On: 

1. The characteristics of the door

2. The quality of the installation  “The highest performing products will not perform well if installed poorly” -Rich Rinka, technical manager, standards and industry affairs with the American Architectural Manufacturers Association. 

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*(Compared to 14’ bi-part, 90 days winter at 30 degrees, 90 days summer at 88 degrees, 1500 cycles/day.)