Automatic Doors for Accessibility Planning in Schools, Hospitals, and Other Buildings in Montreal, Québec

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Automatic doors provide fast and easy access for customers, staff, students, and more. For businesses and facilities in Montreal, QC, STANLEY Access Technologies has the right products to easily outfit any entryway with automated doors that comply with the Canadian Building Code. We pioneered the automatic door in the 1930s and are still the recognized leader in the industry we created, designing and manufacturing sliding, folding, and swinging automatic doors, as well as automated swing door operators for existing doors.

If you have an entryway project in Montreal, Québec, STANLEY Access Technologies’ automated door technology can provide such benefits as:

  • Compact designs for small entryways – Products like our automatic folding doors and the Express-Swing™ low energy door system with two small bi-parting door panels that open in synch with each other, are perfect options for entrances where space is at a premium.
  • Pedestrian traffic management – With options such as our automatic revolving doors and the Bypass™ dual sliding door system, you can keep the foot traffic that enters and exits a facility efficient and orderly.
  • Retrofitting – To facilitate disability awareness planning, automation upgrades to hinged swing doors can be made with swing door operators because they install easily onto virtually any swing door.
  • Security – STANLEY Access Technologies offers several options for keeping a lab, office building, or other facility secure, including infrared scanners that prevent unauthorized access through revolving doors, cameras like the low-profile Jamb Cam to monitor traffic through entrances, retinal scanners for higher security needs, and more.

In addition to the manufacture and installation of these and other products, we also service existing automatic doors from all manufacturers. If you are operating, upgrading, or constructing a building or facility in Montreal, Québec, and are interested in more information on our automated doors or other products, contact STANLEY Access Technologies today.