The Dura-Care 7500 Manual Door System is our telescopic ICU/CCU package. Two sliding panels allow this door package to fit into openings where space is limited. It is available in a trackless (TL) and trackless full breakout (TL-FBO) version, which eliminates the need for a threshold that could disrupt patients or delicate equipment. The trackless version offers swing capabilities (breakout) of the lead sliding panel at any point; while the TL-FBO version offers swing capabilities (breakout) from the fully open position.


  • Telescoping panels allow the 7500 to fit in locations where space is restricted
  • Full swing open capability (breakout) on the 7500 and 7500 TL-FBO creates a larger opening when extra space is needed


  • Threshold and Track Configurations
  • Anti-microbial protection on touch-points or full package
  • Electronic Privacy Glass for instant patient privacy (requires larger header)
  • Special Finishes
  • Stile, Rail and Muntin options
  • Glazing Options
  • Meet smoke and draft requirements with Positive Latch and Smoke and Draft Seals (leakage rated under ANSI/UL1784 and labeled as a smoke barrier)
  • Hardware Options: Positive Latch, Single/Multi-Point Locking

Confused about healthcare codes, standards and which doors to choose? Download our free Healthcare Doors 101 presentation.

All door packages are custom manufactured to fit your job requirements up to ¼” increments.  For sizes greater or smaller than typical, contact your authorized STANLEY Access Technologies Sales Representative.

Note: Panel weight cannot exceed 150 lbs. 


The Dura-Care 7500A TL-FBO Door is our 3-Panel Trackless Automatic Sliding ICU Door. Three synchronized, equal sliding panels allow for smooth panel motion and a 52.6" CDO. This trackless door eliminates the need for a threshold that could disrupt patients or delicate equipment. The trackless door offers full break out at full open for easy patient transport.  


  • Quiet and smooth operation with synchronized equal panels.
  • Wave plate activation for hands-free operation, reducing the spread of germs and infectious diseases.
  • Wide clear door opening, at 52.6" on an 8' package for safe and convenient patient transport.
  • Versatile, the Dura-Care 7500A TL-FBO can be configured as manual or automatic; and can be specified where an automatic 3 panel ICU door is required. 


  • Muntin Bar
  • Recessed Door Pull
  • Door Position Switch
  • Fail Safe Solenoid Lock
  • Activation Sensors: Touchless Wave to Open, or Push Plate, both Wired or Wireless
  • 4", 6", or 8" Bottom Rails
  • Special Finishes Available

Manual ICU/CCU: Telescopic

Dura-Care 7500 Recessed Track, Full Breakout Sidelight (3-Part)

Dura-Care 7500 Quick Reference Specs and Drawings

Dura-Care 7500 Trackless, Fixed Sidelight (3-Part)

Dura-Care 7500 TL Quick Reference Specs and Drawings

Dura-Care 7500 TLFBO (3-Part)   

Dura-Care 7500 TLFBO Quick Reference Specs and Drawings

  • CONFIGURATIONS: 3 & 6-Panel , 3-Panel S&D; Trackless​
  • HEADER SIZE: 4” (102mm) High x 4-1/2” (114mm) Deep
  • TYPICAL HEIGHT: 88" | OPTION: Taller Sizes Available
    • 3 Panel: 84" to 108"
    • 6 Panel: 120" to 168" 
      • 7500: 3-Panel (Standard); 71 3/16" to 95 3/16"
      • 7500TL: 3-Panel (Standard); 26" to 34"
      • 7500TL-FBO: 3-Panel (Standard); 72 3/8" to 96 3/8"
  • JAMB DIMENSION: 6" X 1 3/4"
  • BOTTOM RAILS: 4" | 6", 8", 10", 12", Custom
  • STILES: Narrow | OPTION: Medium
  • FINISHES: Anodized, PVDF Paint, Anti-Microbial (Touch Points or Full)
  • HARDWARE OPTIONS: Positive Latch, Single/Multi-Point Locking
    • 7500: Full Breakout Any Position; 3-Panel (Standard): 71 3/16" to 95 3/16"
    • 7500TL: Leading Sliding Panel Breakout, Any Position; 3-Panel (Standard): 26" to 34"
    • 7500TL-FBO: Full Breakout, From Fully Open Position; 3-Panel (Standard): 72 3/8" to 96 3/8"
  • SUPPORTED GLAZING: 1/4" | 5/8", 1/2", 1" Insulated, Electric Privacy Glass (Requires taller header, please contact sales rep for drawings)
  • RATINGS: UL1784 Leakage (Smoke & Draft)
  • CODES AND STANDARDS: UL, NFPA, IBC (3-Panel Only)   

Dura-Care 7500A TL-FBO Specification (3-Part)           

Dura-Care 7500A TL-FBO Quick Reference Specs and Drawings                                                                                                                                                             

No Illustration Description Type Model Grouped PDFs Individual PDFs DWG BIM/Revit
3.09 3.09_DC75-6P_Drawing.png Floor Track 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 3.09_DC75-6P.pdf Dura-Care 7500 6 Panel 3.09_DC75-6P.dwg  
3.10 3_10_telescoping.jpg Floor Track 3-Panel Telescopic 7500 3.10_DC75-3P.pdf Dura-Care 7500 3 Panel 3.10_DC75-3P.dwg Dura-Care 7500 BIM Model.zip
3.11 3.11_DC75TL-6P_Drawing.png Trackless Threshold 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 3.11_DC75TL-6P.pdf Dura-Care 7500 TL 6 Panel 3.11_DC75TL-6P.dwg
3.12 3_12_telescoping.jpg Trackless Threshold 3-Panel Telescopic 7500 3.12_DC75TL-3P.pdf Dura-Care 7500 TL 3 Panel 3.12_DC75TL-3P.dwg
3.13 3.13_DC75TLFBO-6P_Drawing.png Trackless Threshold 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 TL-FBO 3.13_DC75TLFBO-6P.pdf Dura-Care 7500 TLFBO 6 Panel 3.13_DC75TLFBO-6P.dwg
3.14 3_14_telescoping.jpg Trackless Threshold, Full Breakout 3-Panel Telescopic 7500 3.14_DC75TLFBO-3P.pdf Dura-Care 7500 TLFBO 3 Panel 3.14_DC75TLFBO-3P.dwg
3.25 Trackless, Automatic, Full Break Out 3-Panel Telescopic 7500A 3.25_DC75ATLFBO-3P.pdf   3.25_DC75ATLFBO-3P.dwg
3.44 3_44_telescoping.jpg Trackless Threshold, Full Breakout with Privacy Glass 3-Panel Telescopic 7500 3.44_DC75TLFBOPG-3P.pdf   3.44_DC75TLFBOPG-3P.dwg
  PG1-4-23 DC75 6P FB BP.PNG Floor Track, Full Breakout, with Privacy Glass 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 PG1-4-23 DC75 6P FB BP.pdf      
  pg1-4-32 DC75TLFBO 6P SO-SXS-SX-SX-SXS-SO.PNG Trackless Threshold, Full Breakout with Privacy Glass 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 PG1-4-32 DC75TLFBO 6P SO-SXS-SX-SX-SXS-SO.pdf      
  PG1-4-28 DC75TL 6P O-X-SX-SX-X-O.PNG Trackless Threshold with Privacy Glass 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 PG1-4-28 DC75TL 6P O-X-SX-SX-X-O.pdf      
  PG1-4-29 DC75TL 6P P-X-SX-SX-X-P.PNG Trackless Threshold with Privacy Glass 6-Panel Telescopic 7500 PG1-4-29 DC75TL 6P P-X-SX-SX-X-P.pdf      
3.50   Floor Track Track & Pivot Details 7500 Dura-Care 7500 Track Options & Pivot Details   3.50_DC7-TD.dwg