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Automated Storefront Doors from STANLEY Access Technologies Provide Premium Retail Accessibility

Storefront doors are a crucial element to any retail establishment: They create a strong first impression for the customer upon entering and a lasting impression when exiting. The wide range of automatic doors offered by STANLEY delivers the best-in-class for automatic doors, enhancing storefront entryways and ease of access for customers and patrons. If you’re considering installing automatic storefront doors for retail establishments, trust STANLEY Access Technologies – we are proud to have been installing and repairing automated door systems for retail businesses since the 1930s.

Automatic doors from STANLEY Access Technologies are the perfect choice not just for retail storefronts, but also for any high-volume entryways, helping with:

  • Accessibility – Most of our automatic doors are ADA compliant to ensure that any customers or employees who have disabilities will be able to easily enter and leave the store. We carry both low-energy knowing act doors, which are opened with a push plate or similar activation device, and full-energy automated sliding and swinging doors, which open for pedestrians as they approach the doorway.
  • Durability – From shopping carts and strollers bumping into the storefront doors to dollies and forklifts scratching up stockroom entryways, most retail doors take a lot of abuse. Our heavy-duty Dura-Guard™ and Cart automatic door options are designed to withstand such physical damage, reducing the frequency of expensive repairs.
  • Security – STANLEY security locking mechanisms, and blast- and ballistic-resistant storefront doors and other products work hard to help protect retail spaces.
  • Service – STANLEY not only manufactures and installs commercial sliding doors, we also service them. With an average of 12 years experience, our technicians certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers diagnose and fix any manufacturers’ door with speed and professionalism. 

Whether you’re looking to upgrade existing storefront doors with automatic door operators or want to add new automated entryways to better suit customers’ and employees’ needs, STANLEY Access Technologies has everything required for retail business doorways. 

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