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Hospital Door Systems and Installations for: Entryways | Emergency Rooms | Hall Separations | Isolation Rooms | Operating Rooms | ICU/CCU Rooms

An effective hospital door system can mean all the difference in the world when it comes to making sure patients are receiving the proper care. Hospital employees rely on navigating hallways and accessing patients quickly and easily, especially in the event of an emergency. To ensure that your facility is equipped with the best in hospital door technology, STANLEY Access Technologies has a wide range of manual and automatic doors.

For hospitals and other healthcare facilities, we offer a wide array of swinging, revolving, and sliding door systems, including:

  • Dura-Glide™ 2000/3000 Series – These durable automatic sliding doors can be swung open (breakout) in case of emergency egress, which makes them perfect for main entrances. Additionally, the Dura-Glide™ system comes rated for Class 1 and 10 clean rooms. The hands-free operation helps aid in infection control in areas throughout a medical facility that must remain sterile.
  • ICU/CCU – We have four different slide and swing hospital door systems carefully designed with the needs of patients and staff in mind. With glass door panels that offer a clear view of patients for easy observation in high-risk situations, trackless sliding doors that eliminate the risk of jostling patient beds and equipment over bumpy thresholds, and breakout options on sliding doors for quick opening in emergencies and patient bed transfers, the staff can have easy access to intensive and cardiac care units or other sensitive areas.
  • Revolving Door Systems by STANLEY Rush – Our revolving door systems allow for control of foot traffic at entrances and keep air flow from outside to a minimum. This reduces the risk of dust and airborne contaminants entering through the hospital door and can help lower energy costs by keeping the conditioned air within the facility.

If you’re looking to construct or upgrade a medical facility or hospital with door systems that allow for seamless navigation so that medical teams can provide optimal patient care, STANLEY Access Technologies can tailor solutions that exceed your expectations.

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