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Servicing All Manufacturers' Automatic Doors

Servicing All Manufacturers' Automatic Doors

For Over 80 Years: 1.888.366.7444

Protection Made Simple.

Our service team doesn't settle until you are completely satisfied. With an average of 12 years experience, our technicians certified by the American Association of Automatic Door Manufacturers diagnose and fix any manufacturers' door with speed and professionalism.

As the inventor of the automatic door over 80 years ago, we're putting decade's worth of service data to work so you can lower your total cost of ownership and maximize uptime.

When you partner with us, your dedicated Service Account Manger ensures a simple and seamless experience, from placing a service call all the way through invoicing.

Request For Service

Before requesting service, please consider watching our automatic sliding door troubleshooting video, or visit the troubleshooting swing door operator webpage.

Ways To Request Service

Request for Service Form. The National Service Center will enter all requests between 7am-11pm EST Monday-Sunday.

Call 1-888-366-7444 for our 24/7/365 National Call Center

Extended Coverage Service: For information about Service and Planned Maintenance programs, email inquiries to

Replacement Parts: Contact your local Branch Office.


Included Services
Every time you work with STANLEY you get:

Experts standing by 24/7: 888-366-7444
Online form or email during business hours
Priority response available
Intelligent Dispatching System
Digitized and automated processes for consistent and accelerated dispatching
Certified AAADM and OSHA Technicians with 12 years average experience
Superior speed of diagnosis, service, and high rate of "fixing it right the first time"
Scheduled 14-pt Inspections with/without AAADM Certification available upon request*
New STANLEY parts with a 1 year warranty

★ STANLEY Exclusive
*Scheduled Protection Plans. Annual contract required, billed annually, quarterly or monthly.

Extended Coverage
STANLEY Extended Coverage Plans™*


Included STANLEY Services:

  • Pay as you go for labor, travel and parts



Welcome to the STANLEY Extended Coverage Family. Reduce service calls with:

  • One annual scheduled 14-point inspection to minimize unpredictable expenses1
  • Door operation training
  • Dedicated Service Sales Advisor to keep admin tasks running seamlessly

Pay-as-you go for labor, travel and parts

Every request gets Included STANLEY Services.



This annual plan offers everything in the Peak Performance Plan, plus:

  • All Standard Labor and Travel during business hours2
  • Enhanced response time

You just pay for parts as you go.



This is our most comprehensive plan. It covers everything in our Peak Performance and Peak Performance LT plans, plus:

  • Parts 90% worn are replaced pro-actively (verses when fail)
  • Parts are included3

No more surprises, just peace of mind.


★ STANLEY Exclusive
*Scheduled Protection Plans. Annual contract required, billed annually, quarterly or monthly.

1. Option to add 2 or 4 14-pt inspections a year. Option to add AAADM Safety Certification to 14-pt inspection.
2. 7:30am to 4:30pm Mon-Fri. All after hours service and Saturday will be billed at 1.5 times the agreed upon hourly rate. All service performed on Sundays and Holidays are billed at 2 times the agreed hourly rate
3.Except for wear items

Service Areas
With the largest geographic footprint in North America, our customers are neighbors, not numbers.

Even though we already have the largest service geographic footprint in North America, we continue to expand our team of over 750 technicians, and back them up with a 24-hour call center, 2 Rebuild Centers, 2 Distribution Centers, 3 Manufacturing Plants, on-site troubleshooting support, real time digital systems, and processes such as our Natural Disaster Response Plan.

This STANLEY exclusive support system is implemented so your doors can keep operating at peak performance. All of our products are backwards compatible and designed with simple serviceability in mind so you can experience fast, first time fixes.



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      Average: 5 (1 vote)
      Amy Codiamat/Travis Peterson
      By PineApple Hospitality on 02/05/2020
      Called Amy about our front entrance sliding doors not working properly, She sent out her tech Travis Peterson who was wonderful and everything was back to normal in a very short period of time. Thank You Amy/Travis. Good Job!
    • 4
      Average: 4 (1 vote)
      Thanks for the service
      By Sidheswar on 06/17/2019
      Thanks for the service
    • 5
      Average: 5 (1 vote)
      I just want to take a minute
      By Darin Boggs on 06/13/2019
      I just want to take a minute to say how happy we were with our tech. He dealt with a lot of distractions and interruptions politely and professionally. I know it comes with the territory but it still takes the right personality. Everything went well and we have received good feedback already.
    • 4
      Average: 4 (1 vote)
      My thanks to the crew for
      By Paul Murphy on 06/13/2019
      My thanks to the crew for their professionalism and collaboration installing this project.
    • 4
      Average: 4 (1 vote)
      All of the team that worked
      By Dustin Olsen on 06/13/2019
      All of the team that worked on this site did an excellent job on the ICU and sliding door installs we did. The team was very professional and was great to work with. Their attention to details and solving the issues on site was top notch. I was thoroughly impressed with our Project Manager, on the way he handled the project through the communication and coordination on site and the material issues we had to deal with.

    Commonly asked questions

    We have a Stanley Magic Access door closure unit that was malfunctioning. We have a spare matching motor, a plug and play unit. After install, we made minor adjustments to closure speed, open times, etc and the unit works fine. The only issue is our ADA interior press button opens the door completely, but the exterior ADA door only opens half way after pressing the sensor plate. Any suggestions on how to troubleshoot and/or correct this?
    Asked by Sean Derning on 10/01/2019
    + Answer this question
    Our Stanley automatic door is squeeking. I used wd40 and it did not help. What are your suggestions?
    Asked by Michelle - Dunphy Real Estate on 08/29/2019
    + Answer this question
    Squeaking typically originates from either the bottom guides under the sliding panels, or the carrier wheels at the top of the sliding panels. For the bottom guides, ensure the tracks are clean and clear of debris, and use a little WD40 on the bottom guide wheel. Do not use any kind of grease, including Lithium grease, as it causes dirt to get stuck to the wheel. If the carrier wheels are the source of the squeaking, clean the top track with glass cleaner or degreaser, also make sure the carrier wheels are clean as well. When cleaning either the bottom rollers, or the carrier wheels, make sure the door is powered off so the panels don’t move while you’re cleaning the rollers.
    Answered by STANLEY on 10/03/2019
    Hi there, I am interested in your double swing automatic glazed hygiene doors for a healthcare project abroad. Do you have a representation / presence in the Middle East? Please do let me if so, an also whom to contact. Thanks!
    Asked by Murphy Philipps LLP on 07/23/2019
    + Answer this question
    You can use our sales reps look up tool to contact your Middle East contact:
    Answered by STANLEY on 07/24/2019
    we have a stanley sliding door to our back patio at our nursing home. the door ID is A369346. the door will open but will not close. we turn the switch on and off and it will close but then will not open. any suggestions? thank you tim
    Asked by tim snyder on 07/17/2019
    + Answer this question
    Hi Tim- Our automatic slide door troubleshooting video may be able to help you address why your door is not closing: If you need further assistance, please visit our Service page to put in a request: Thank you.
    Answered by STANLEY on 07/17/2019
    I have a automatic door closer (Stanley) in laronge, Sask. can you please tell me who in our area would service this opener. This is a walk in door in our health centre.
    Asked by Laronge Health Centre on 07/16/2019
    + Answer this question
    You can call the STANLEY Call Center: 1-888-366-7444 to request service or to find out who your provider would be. You may also send an email to: Thank you and please let us know if we may assist you further.
    Answered by STANLEY on 07/17/2019

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