For 50 years, STANLEY Rush, previously C.J. Rush Industries, has been recognized around the world as a preeminent designer and manufacturer of complete Architectural Entrance Systems.  Discerning decision makers turn to STANLEY Rush for our excellence in craftsmanship and long-lasting, durable products that assure a value-added investment. We also specialize in cladded entrances using metals such as bronze (Muntz) and stainless steel as well as other custom finishes.  

STANLEY Rush. Expect Excellence. 

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1500ATopImage3.jpgManual, Automatic and Security Revolving Doors:  Air infiltration through revolving doors is 1/10th of that through a swing or sliding door and maintains the HVAC integrity of the building in both hot and cold climate. Allow optimum traffic processing – 2880 persons in and 2880 persons out per hour while reducing airborne dust, dirt and noise.  Revolving door elements such as finishes, wing stiles, rails, push bars and push plates can be designed to any aesthetic criteria. Canopy fascias can be fabricated to any height or profile. 



PivotDoorsTopImage.jpgBalanced and Specialty Swing Doors: STANLEY Rush offers swing pivot or hinged doors in a variety of finishes and the quality craftsmanship for which STANLEY Rush is known. Balanced doors assist opening in specific site circumstances of wind tunnel or stack effect. Pivot doors are an excellent selection for applications that require a large opening with minimal floor space interruption.




Cladding: Custom extruded aluminum members with “wraparound” metal will withstand the rigors of use and the elements for long life and durability. Rushclad products are as enduring but lighter weight and more cost effective than solid stainless steel construction. Mechanically fastened cores of aluminum offer increased strength by cladding with stainless steel, bronze or other exotic metal to create an entrance of lasting beauty.



WebTopImage-25-Sheppard-Ave.jpgComplete Architectural Entrances: In addition to product manufacturing, STANLEY Rush’s roots also lie in our custom architectural entrance systems and configurations. These include manual, power assisted and automatic revolving doors, balanced doors and pivot doors along with coordinated architectural metal work such as canopies, screens, windows, glass walls, handrails and sculptures. We'll partner with you to bring your unique entryway vision to life. Our architectural metal work such as canopies, screens, windows and glass walls are best-in-class.
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STANLEY Rush is a mature business with depth of experience and infrastructure that supports the trust in quality craftsmanship and service that is its hallmark worldwide. Prestige projects include Canary Wharf, London; The Bank of China, Hong Kong; the Etisalat in Abu Dabi; J.F.K Airport, New York and 1900 K Street, Washington. 

STANLEY Rush is a part of STANLEY Access Technologies, with head offices and manufacturing plant located in Markham, Ontario, Canada.