STN_rush_cmyk-WEB.pngThe most discerning customers with the highest security priorities rely on STANLEY Rush security revolving doors which have been on the market since 1999 when the 4500 was developed. Today, STANLEY Rush security revolving doors include options in all glass, automatic, ballistic resistant and many other options.

The nature of security has changed from guarding the vault and other sensitive material to protecting our most valuable commodity - our employees. Whether crowd control, controlled access or full security, STANLEY Rush will provide the integral entry system to client specifications.

For new construction or retrofit, design may be rugged and utilitarian or refined and aesthetic depending on requirements. Contact STANLEY Rush directly or ask your security integrator to show you the full line of STANLEY Rush security entrance systems.



The STANLEY Rush Series 4500 Security Revolving Door provides rapid, simultaneous two-way passage for authorized personnel. The three-wing manual design with tempered glass meets most security criteria. This door is ruggedly constructed with few moving parts to provide trouble-free operation with minimum maintenance. It is ideal for financial institutions, pharmaceutical and high tech enterprises, airports and defense facilities.







The STANLEY Rush 4900 ASR provides anti-tailgating and optional anti-piggybacking detection through the use of Time-of-Flight (TOF) technology. This anti-piggybacking detection is achieved through the self-contained infrared light sources and camera capturing the reflected light. An internal processor measures the time of reflected light and creates a depth image to analyze the objects within the revolving door. This allows the built-in processor to determine if one or two persons have entered into the security revolving door. The processor compares the images with image stored in memory to detect security violations.




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