The STANLEY Rush 2500 is available as a three- or four-wing design. The wings are all glass so there are no visible door stiles and base rails are recessed into the floor to create a clean look. Lower collapsing mechanisms are concealed and directly connected to door rails.



  • Narrow line flush glazing door and enclosure sections 
  • Concealed collapsing mechanism and speed control 
  • Concealed fasteners - snap-on glass stops throughout 
  • Bookfold wing position factory set for emergency egress 
  • Conforms to all North American building codes 
  • Tested to ASTM E283 for air tightness 
  • Easily removed door wings to provide fast and efficient service 
  • Curved laminated glass in enclosure 
  • Wings are 1/2" tempered glass and drum wall glass can be laminated or tempered
  • Three- or four-wing design, available in standard 6'-0" (1830 mm) - 9'-0" (2743 mm) diameter or custom diameters to suit specific job requirements


  • Double wall glass enclosure for air plenum and grilles 
  • Cladding in stainless or bronze sheet
  • All glass canopy 
  • Tinted glass (wings and enclosure ) 
  • Curved metal panels in place of glass enclosure 
  • Curved tempered glass 
  • Custom designed push bars and plates (some design limitations) 
  • Canopy lighting 
  • Sliding dead bolt lock 
  • Overhead or floor mounted speed controls 
  • Extended warranty 
  • Maintenance and Service contracts (some limitations apply) 
  • Quarter-point closing, minimum canopy height to apply
  • 6-foot-3-wing-revolving-door.jpg8-foort-3-wing-revolving-door.jpg7-foot-4-wing-revolver.jpg10-foot-4-wing-revolving-door.jpg12-foot-4-wing-revolving-door.jpg






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2500 Three- or Four-Wing Manual Revolving Door

The 2500 can be custom designed to fit your unique application requirements. Please contact your local specification representative for more information.

2500 Three- or Four- Wing Manual Revolving Door Specification (3 Part)

No Illustration Description Type Model PDF DWG BIM/Revit


2500 Four Wing illustration.JPG Four-Wing Manual Revolver 4-Wing 2500 2500 Four Wing Revolving Door 2504-001.pdf

2500 Four Wing Revolving Door 2504-001.dwg

2503-001 2500 Three Wing Illustration.JPG Three-Wing Manual Revolver 3-Wing 2500 2500 Three Wing Revolving Door 2503-001.pdf 2500 Three Wing Revolving Door 2503-001.dwg  
CL2504-002 CLAD 2500 Four wing illustration.JPG Four-Wing Manual Revolver w/ Cladding 4-Wing 2500 CLAD 2500 Four Wing Revolving Door CL2504-002.pdf CLAD 2500 Four Wing Revolving Door CL2504-002.dwg  
CL2503-002 CLAD 2500 Three Wing Illustration.JPG Three-Wing Manual Revolver w/ Cladding 3-Wing 2500 CLAD 2500 Three Wing Revolving Door CL2503-002.pdf CLAD 2500 Three Wing Revolving Door CL2503-002.dwg